How do you manufacture your designs?
Each step of the manufacturing process takes place in Montréal.
    • We search for inspiration in the nature, animals and art around us.
    • We draw the lines of the first pattern.
    • We go see Delyla, a local manufacture, to choose our fabrics. We usually buy biological cottons or recycled polyesters.
    • Prototypes and special orders are assembled and sewn with meticulous attention.
    • We analyse the prototypes.
    • The paper pattern is computerized in order to optimize the cut of the fabrics.
    • A robot ensures a precise and fast cut of the fabrics used in the collections of plush cushions.
    • Time for the final test! We make sure the face is symmetrical, check the quality of the sewing and finish, and pay special attention to the eyes, the hallmark of Velvet Moustache.
    • New creations are ready to join the members of the Velvet Moustache family.
    • One by one, each creature finds a home, a friend, a family and livens up the pleasure to be home.

What are the shipping details?
We trust the Expedited ParcelTM service of Canada Post for the shipping of most of our creatures.
Sleeping masks and tattoos travel with the standard service.

Allow 1 to 3 business days to process your order.

Shipping details according to Canada Post:
  • CANADA : 1 to 7 business days
  • USA : 4 to 8 business days
  • INTERNATIONAL : x to x business days
You have a Velvet crush for more than one creature? Think of combining your purchase! We promise to do our best to allow you to save as much as possible on shipping costs. For example, if you order a Square and a mask, we will simply slip the mask in the Square’s shipping box.
  • Is the cushion included?
    Each of our creatures is delivered to your door with its stomach filled with a cushion made in Montreal.
  • What happens if my creature stumbles through bad weather or human mistakes?
    At Velvet Moustache, we work together to offer you high-quality products. Most importantly, we aim at offering you products that we love. Before landing on your doorstep, each of our creatures comes by the workshop to get inspected, fluffed, brushed, cuddled and labeled individually and with loving care.

    We offer a 1-year guarantee on all of our products. We can repair or replace your creature if you detect a defect in spite of having followed the proper care instructions. Please notify us immediately by email at boutique@velvetmoustache.ca before sending it back to us, at no cost. You must include your proof of purchase.

    Thank you for loving what we make!
    What if I receive the wrong creature, or if its damaged, or if I want to cancel or change my order?
    Please contact us as soon as possible at 514.677.5043 or at boutique@velvetmoustache.ca

    Please note, however, that if your order has already been processed upon reception of your call or email, changes or cancellations will not be possible.
    What about refunds and exchanges?
    For health and security reasons, all sales are final.
    How can I wash my creature?
    Our creatures love being pampered!

    • For the sleeping masks, hats and scarfs, or for the cushions covers and the soft toys

      WASHING : For best results, machine wash your creature at 30°C using the delicate cycle, with like-colors only. ALWAYS remember to take the cushion out of the cover before washing the cover. Never use bleach.

      DRYING : For best results, lie flat to dry – do not hang, the pegs could leave a mark on the fabric. If you insist on putting it in the dryer, do so using the delicate cycle with cold air.
    • For the cushions inside the Square covers:

      WASHING : Surface washing, using a damp cloth, works best.

      DRYING : Allow to air dry. NEVER put the cushion in the drying machine, it could be severely damaged or even melt!
    Do Velvet Moustache creatures travel across borders and overseas?
    All of our creatures are adventure prone and are not scared of long travels. Please refer to the shipping details for more information.
    Where does this unique look and expression come from?
    The eyes of our creatures are the culmination of a long and meticulous effort of research and development. They are the hallmark of Velvet Moustache. They are unique and made with special care in order to guarantee their inimitable look.
    Can babies play with Velvet Moustache creatures?
    All of our creatures are in accordance with the CE marking legislation.
    What exactly is a sustainable creation?
    A sustainable creation is not just a resistant or unforgettable one. It is one that is manufactured in a way that respects the values of sustainable development. Our manufacturing process corresponds to a business model that is in compliance with social and environmental standards.

    In other words, Velvet Moustache’s creations are sustainable because all of their manufacturing process is made locally, with locally made fabrics (and sometimes even biological), and in highly respectable working conditions.
    Can I sell Velvet Moustache products in my store?
    If you are interested in becoming one of our select retailers, get in touch with Majorie at majorie@velvetmoustache.ca
    I’ve got some ideas for some future members of the Velvet Moustache family.
    We are always open to suggestions; however, since there are lots of them, we can’t guarantee yours will be chosen or developed.

    If we are inspired by your idea, the development and manufacturing of this idea is entirely made by Velvet Moustache and the resulting product is our intellectual property.
    Do you offer gift certificates?
    We are working on it !
    Are you open to collaborations?
    We are always open to creative collaborations.

    For example, we have recently worked with Mathieu LeBlanc and Philippe Lagarde, authors of the book Conversations avec Romy, from Éditions de la Bagnole, for the creation of the Velvet Romy doll.
    Are there job or internship opportunities at Velvet Moustache?
    We are not presently looking for anyone. However, if you wish to contribute to the Velvet Evolution, please send us your resume, along with a letter explaining how your skills and expertise would be of value to our company.
    Do you do Hello Kitty, Shrek or Mickey Mouse plushies?
    We are open to custom orders for kittens, monsters, mice or other unique creatures, but we do not make copies of already existing models of other commercial brands.
    What is it for?
    We make creatures and we love hoping they will brighten your home in return.

    You can use them for keeping you company, to please your friends (or make them jealous!), to confide in them, or decorate your living room or any other room in your house. You can use them to crown your little ones or rest your eyes. Or you can simply pamper, cuddle and love them.